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DARPG Custom Imports - CLOSED [2017]
Last updated: January 4th, 2017
If you want more pups in your kennel, but you don't want to scour for puppies or premade imports, I'm opening up custom imports for DARPG! I thought about making my lines P2U, but for now they'll only be available for imports. I'll start with 4 slots and we'll go from there! Just fill out the form below and I should have them ready within a few weeks, but bear with me if I get busier than expected!
Other DARPG packages can be found here: DARPG Commissions
Kennel/stable map commissions (and logos!) can be found here:
 Map and Logo Commissions!
I know, nobody likes rules. But please follow these!
One user per slot // Ma
:iconprettypinkey2:prettypinkey2 1 2
Slytherin House by Whisperwings Slytherin House :iconwhisperwings:Whisperwings 1,082 236 FREE Simple Eastern Dragon Base/Lineart by EmeraldRainDragon FREE Simple Eastern Dragon Base/Lineart :iconemeraldraindragon:EmeraldRainDragon 737 135 Roark Gestures by Scarlet-Harlequin-N Roark Gestures :iconscarlet-harlequin-n:Scarlet-Harlequin-N 81 3 A Collector of Sorts by Drasayer A Collector of Sorts :icondrasayer:Drasayer 37 18 [Interactive] Foal Generator by WolfHavenWoods [Interactive] Foal Generator :iconwolfhavenwoods:WolfHavenWoods 12 22
Rider Training Course
I think everybody has a similar problem when they work on creating a stable: new riders.
There are plenty of training courses for the horses, but who is going to train your green riders?  Equibreak has stepped up to the challenge and has created a rider's training course!  This course is open for everyone and anyone; all humanoid species are allowed, provided they are physically capable of riding a horse.
Just like the horse training course, the rider training program also requires five images.
- Grooming
- Leading a horse
- Riding their first lesson
- Riding Alone
- Final: Discipline Training
Of course, there are many other things to do to train your riders.  While the possibilities are endless, we've listed a few suggestions below.
- On-horse games
- Voltige (Acrobatics on horseback)
- Learning the tack (Putting on a saddle, naming the parts of a bridle, etc.)
- Lunging the horse (This can count for bot
:iconequibreak:equiBREAK 58 52
Horse Training Course
Right, so on to the fun stuff!  Since we all want to start showing our horses as soon as possible only five images are required.  This is supposed to be fun, after all, and we don't want to ask for too much.
1. Groundwork.
2. Lunging.
3. Accepting a saddle/rider.
4. First ride.
5. Final: Discipline training.
While we only require five images, there is so much more that you can do to train your horse!  If you want to go that extra mile, here are five more images that we would love to see!
1. Worst fear discovered.
2. Good/Bad day.
3. Trailer work.
4. Visit from the farrier/vet.
5. Play time.
Note that you are more than welcome to draw your horse training/doing something that we haven't mentioned.
You can show your horse doing anything, as long as it fits into each category.  For instance, when doing your groundwork image you might show a young foal to accept a halter or, if you are working on the lunging ima
:iconequibreak:equiBREAK 158 171
Foal Training Course
For all those ambitious people amongst us we now have the Foal training course! Of course this is completely optional and if you want, you can skip right onto the Horse Course!
We require only five images to complete the foal course. However, feel free to make as many as you like!
1.1. Weaning from the Mother
1.2. First time eating hay in an seperate box*
2. Wearing a Halter
3. To be lead
4. Accepting the feel of a blanket
5. Foal Inspection
*This is mainly for wild horses, horses without their moms and youngstock between the age of 1 and 3
Are you done with your mandatory images? Well, we would love to see these as well! Show off those foals and get them ready for their future careers!
1. Standing tied
2. Accepting the presence of objects (paper bags, clippers, sprays etc...)
3. Being groomed for the first time
4. Walking over an uneven surf
:iconequibreak:equiBREAK 97 149
How to write a stable journal
How to write a stable journal? ◀ ║ Horse reference template
Writing a stable journal is, for me, a pain in the ass. I have no idea what I wanna write and I think there are more people out there who have the same. That's why I came up with this! I hope this will help everyone!
If you used this, please give credit to me/link back to this journal. I'll appreciate it!
1. The stable
    1.1 Name
    1.2 Location
    1.3 Time
    1.4 Map
    1.5 Breeds
    1.6 Disciplines
    1.7 Competitions/winnings
2. Horses
3. Staff
    3.1 With reference
4. Breeding
    4.1 Breeding terms
    4.2 Breeding program
5. Other tips
    5.1 Multiple journals
        5.1.1 Links
    5.2 Point journals
1. The stable
1.1 Name
:iconjytteh:JytteH 83 7
Blackie's Guide To Surviving ARPG
So many know I have been part of HARPG for over 5 years (secret old account I deleted due to shamefully bad art). Now I have survived my 5 years and you need to as well. (NO I AM NOT LEAVING XDDD Still on my lovely hiatus and enjoying the de-stressing I am taking, it is love~). How did I do it? Simple, I did this;
Rose Bullet - F2U! I draw in a sketchbook when I have free time. It helps me do studies and get art done.
Rose Bullet - F2U! I am friendly to everyone, even those I do not like. I also now tend to stay away from Drama lol.
Rose Bullet - F2U! Affiliates~!! If they give you something you should repay the debt.
Rose Bullet - F2U! Ask questions, people will not be afraid to answer.
Rose Bullet - F2U! Do not be afraid of player made breeds, you can meet many interesting people there, experiment too, you will
:iconblackwing-fang:blackwing-fang 20 6
Badazal's Ongoing Equine Tutorial
This journal is dedicated to my watchers, I will post all of the helpful tutorials and hints that I make here :heart:
                                                                    Brush Settings Tutorial

                                                               Sizing and Terminology Tutorial

:iconbadazal:badazal 34 2
This is the way I will judge in my competitions. You are free to use this if you want.
Judging one-entrys

Maximum 85 points.

Equipage fitness (0-10 points)
Here I judge the fitness of the equipage (both horse and rider) to compete in the choosen class. It will be towards former competitions, training, age and breed.
Note: This is not included in lower classes.
Skill (1-15 points)
Judged against your own gallery. Here I look at linework, colouring, shading compared to your previous work.

Note: If you both do cartoony-style and realism but your entry is cartoony, I will judge it against your other cartoony work, not your realism work.

Artistical (1-20 points)
Judged both to your gallery and other entries. Here I look at your colourscheme, how well plotted the drawing is, if it's interesting and such.
:iconfruvider:FruVider 14 13
English Riding / Disciplines
Hi! Since the poll I put up only needed 5 minutes to get 6 votes "we need discipline guides" I figured I give this a shot right away. Feel free to comment to add things ect, but please be polite about it. I'm only human, I make mistakes.
SO! Let's start!
:new: 10/07/2013 - I think it's more or less finished. Remember, this isn't supposed to be a detailed guide but one to give people a general idea over what the disciplines are and what the goals are!
Also, if I used a thumb that features your art/tutorial/whatever, and you don't like it, just tell me and please be polite about it. Be happy, not angry ;p I don't claim them in any way; I simply think they're beautiful and are great examples of what I'm trying to explain! It's a free feature!
:bulletwhite:You're here!:  English Riding: Dressage, Endurance, Eventing, Show Jumping & Cross Country
:bulletwhite: Western - Not written yet
:bulletwhite: Racing -Not written yet
:bulletwhite:  Sports
:iconnixxily:Nixxily 43 26
PD Earning and Money System by painted-cowgirl PD Earning and Money System :iconpainted-cowgirl:painted-cowgirl 99 33
Leg Injuries:
Bone Spavin - Inflammation of one or more bones located  between on the inside of the hock joint. Can lead to arthritis. Early stages will be extremely painful  - late stages less so as the joint surfaces fuse together.
Caused by: joint stress from concussion on hard surfaces, quick & sliding stops such as those which occur during roping and reining.  Mineral deficiencies Poor confirmation.  
Bog Spavin - Soft spongy Bursal enlargement of the hock joint capsule. Located towards the front inside of the hock joint.  
Caused by:  bang or blow to the joint,  wear and tear from work on hard surfaces. Poor confirmation and possible vitamin & mineral imbalance while horse is young.
Bowed Tendons - Inflammation and in severe cases even rupture of the sheath encasing the tendon from the knee to the fetlock. One or both the deep flexor tendon and superficial  flexor tendons on one and/or both front legs may be affected. Caused by: severe trauma an
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